The Challenge

  • Launch the world’s first WiFi smartpen, the Sky, and drive awareness and purchase intent for both existing Livescribe smartpen owners and potential new customers.
  • Rise above the noise of a very heavy news cycle, including the launch of new tablets, which are often seen as direct competitors with smartpens in the digital note-taking space.
  • Convey significant product changes to existing users without alienating long-time fans.
  • Ensure a smooth experience for reviewers during pre-release period

The Approach

  • Work closely with Livescribe marketing, engineers, and executive team to assemble a comprehensive FAQ to address any and all questions about Sky features and functionality.
  • Avoid going head-to-head with tablet news by positioning Sky as the ideal tablet companion; make use of tablet enthusiasm rather than try to overpower it.
  • Leverage Sky’s integration with Evernote to deliver reviewer resources, including pre-configured press accounts and Evernote folders with useful information, tips and assets.
  • Conduct desk-side briefings to present overarching Livescribe vision and aid with any obstacles.
  • Integrate social media with the PR program to amplify messages and increase the reach of press coverage.

The Results

  • Positive reviews across several technology and consumer publications, including Wired, TIME, Engadget, Gizmodo, TechCrunch, and an article in print in the New York Times.

“The team at TriplePoint helped drive a tremendous launch for our Livescribe 3 smartpen, delivering top-tier stories on a regular basis, doubling the number of impressions from the previous year and providing strong strategic counsel on a regular basis. The amazing PR results helped drive our best product launch ever, and have continued well beyond the initial introduction to help us drive a more efficient overall marketing mix.”

Gilles Bouchard

Chairman and CEO, Livescribe

Eddiemae Jukes

Eddiemae Jukes joined TriplePoint in 2002 and is proud to be a more than ten-year veteran of the firm. Her expertise in PR ranges from consumer electronics and games to financial and education tech. She’s worked with clients including Livescribe, Nature Publishing, Electronic Arts, Yodlee and LEGO. In her role as Partner/Vice President, Eddiemae creates strategic plans, develops messaging, and provides counsel on product and corporate PR. She has spoken at industry events including Austin GDC and GCDC, and she organized the PR for Games Conference. Eddiemae holds a B.A. in communications from Stanford University.

Andrew Karl

Andrew Karl is an Account Director at TriplePoint who has been with the firm since June 2011. Andrew brings several years of experience in both high-tech public relations and video game editorial, having co-founded and run a gaming site for two years. While honing his craft at a high-tech agency, Andrew amassed extensive experience in the areas of media and analyst relations, running social media programs and campaigns, and spearheading corporate blogging initiatives. Andrew holds a bachelor’s degree in communication from the University of New Hampshire. A rabid soccer fan supporting Liverpool FC and the United States National Team, Andrew is generally playing FIFA or enjoying a deep RPG, intense RTS, or any game involving zombies.

Jesse Henning

Jesse Henning was born and raised in the SF Bay Area, starting his games career in non-digital form by working with Settlers of Catan. Since then, Jesse has worked in gaming as a journalist, PR manager, marketing assistant, community manager, designer, QA lead, and in-game support provider. As a Senior Account Executive at TriplePoint, he specializes in crafting messaging, strategies, and content for clients, including official press materials, website copy, and social media. He’s a rogue who likes roguelikes, a sucker for indie bundles, and wants to trade Steam cards with you.

Quinn Wageman

Quinn Wageman is a Partner at TriplePoint where he represents various technology and interactive entertainment companies spanning all major platforms and business models. Quinn helped open TriplePoint’s NYC office in 2007 before moving for the firm to California. Additionally, Quinn has accumulated over six years of business development and B2B sales experience including browser games with Arkadium, wireless communications with NTT DoCoMo, and international trading with ITOCHU. He is a graduate of the University of Missouri International Business program, holding a dual B.F.A. and B.S.B.A. with a minor in Japanese (business-level).

Gentry Brown

Gentry Brown is an Account Supervisor for TriplePoint, who reps consumer tech and gaming clients. Initially interested in the journalistic side of the coin (with stints at NYU’s Washington Square News and the Orange County Register) she rose to the challenge of representing clients in the ever-changing space that is technology and games, and became enamored with the fun of presenting and promoting them in a similarly dynamic fashion. After graduating from New York University in 2014 with a BS in Media, Culture and Communications, Gentry decided to head back to her native California for endless enchiladas, the ability to camp year-round, but mostly to be in the epicenter of tech culture.

Richard Kain

Richard Kain is the General Manager at TriplePoint, with over 15 years of experience in corporate communications, product public relations, and public affairs campaigns. He provides strategy and counsel as well as corporate communications guidance to the agency’s clients. Rich previously worked as director of public relations for Vitria Technology, a publicly traded enterprise software company in Sunnyvale, and started his PR career at Fleishman-Hillard in Los Angeles. He is an active angel investor, with a portfolio viewable at Rich graduated from Haverford College in 1993 with a B.A. in philosophy and history.

Jesse Bandeen

Jesse Bandeen is an Account Executive at TriplePoint. Although born in New York City, Jesse was raised in London, England before completing her BA in Sociology at Duke University. With her siblings and her closest friends drawn so completely into the tech world, its appeal was hard for her to resist and she was inevitably hooked. Jesse left her background in marketing for luxury goods in London and headed west towards the epicentre of the industry to work in the dynamic tech environment. In her free time she enjoys foreign TV shows, art exhibits, sci-fi films and playing volleyball.

Justin Rende

Justin Rende is an Account Executive at TriplePoint. Born and raised on the East coast, Justin attended the University of Connecticut as an undergraduate to earn his B.A. in Communication. After working for a few years within NYC public relations agencies for pharmaceutical clients, Justin decided to follow his heart and make the journey to San Francisco to be in the center of tech and gaming. When not in the office, you’ll find Justin exploring the trails of local state parks or inside one of a myriad of virtual worlds accessed through his VR headset.

Chris Carley

Chris Carley is the agency’s Creator Relations Manager. Chris is an avid gamer and enjoys streaming and creating content under the moniker “Tons0fun.” He started the Bay Area streamer Meetup, TwitchSF, with the goal of bringing together local streamers. Prior to joining TriplePoint, he worked in the games industry for many years and ran the AngryJoeShow gaming community

Kate Lollar

Kate Lollar is an Account Supervisor at TriplePoint, specializing in media relations, corporate storytelling, PR and content strategy for gaming companies. Bridging the gap between public relations, marketing, social media and journalism, Kate has 11 years experience managing successful PR campaigns and communications for video games, digital media, technology and entertainment. She has been honored by the North American Press Syndicate for outstanding achievement in media relations. Kate hails from Memphis and earned a BA in Psychology from the University of Mississippi.

Blane Humphries

Blane Humphries is an Account Executive at TriplePoint with an established background in video games, journalism, and professional communications. He began his gaming adventures in the mid 90’s with games like Westwood’s Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun, since then ranging in taste from everything triple-A to the most obscure indies. After graduating with honors from Georgia Southern University in 2012 with a degree in Public Relations, Blane became an active member of the games industry as an editor for a gaming blog covering indie titles, and as Vice-Chair for the Atlanta chapter of IGDA. Prior to joining TriplePoint, Blane spent years working in various marketing and PR roles in representation of a range of developers/publishers.

Eugene Evans

Eugene is a Strategic Advisor at TriplePoint providing support on business and product strategy, partnerships, and more. He brings 30+ years experience in the games industry, working for startups and large companies including EA and Viacom. He was a VP and Studio GM for EA’s Mythic studio, previously known as Mythic Entertainment and acquired by EA in 2006, and director of business development at Viacom New Media.

Samir Mehta

Samir Mehta is an Associate at TriplePoint. A Californian in birth and spirit, Samir grew up playing outside during the day and Pokémon throughout the night. After graduating with a B.S. in Advertising from San Jose State University, Samir, decided to transition from selling newspaper ads to influencer relations and supporting PR programs for the companies he grew up loving. During his free time, Samir loves taking photos, playing RPGs, coaching the next generation of Pokémon TCG Trainers, and petting dogs, so many dogs.

Eliana Carmona

Eliana is writer and communications professional with a passion for video games as a narrative form and a platform for human connection (as well as, you know, a fun way to kill a Friday night). She spent three years in the trenches at TriplePoint San Francisco and now resides in Los Angeles, where she splits her time between writing her novel, supporting the team as an associate, and helping scrappy, innovative tech and gaming companies to find their voice. Eliana holds a B.A. in English from Stanford University.

Kaydie Hansen

Kaydie Hansen is an Account Coordinator at TriplePoint. Prior to TriplePoint, Kaydie interned at Zeno Group and Ubisoft. She additionally serves as Community Manager of the global joystick manufacturer, Qanba USA. A Bay Area native, she graduated from San Francisco State University with a BA in International Business in 2017. The prospect of double jump and air-dash technology keeps her in the tech hub of the country.

Emily Morris

Emily Morris is an Account Executive at TriplePoint. Before joining the team, Emily worked in nonprofit communications and fundraising. Emily hails from the Chicago area, where she served as a breaking news and neighborhood reporter at DNAinfo Chicago before relocating to the Bay Area following a winter of subzero temperatures. She received her degree in journalism from the Missouri School of Journalism. She loves (and hates) writing, and she lives for pointing out grammatical errors. In her spare time, you’ll find her curled up with a good book, out for a run, but most often catching a movie at a local theater.